Time to turn?

2 months are already gone, I think it's time to really start to give my best, it's starting a new advertisements campaign in the school for Italian lessons, it's time to forget my fears and do my best at youth centre, it's time to start to enjoy 100% this EVS

This was a nice week

This week was very nice, I had the chance to visit an Estonian forest and it`s very cool, a very nice place, moreover I saw the first snow, in october! It was really amazing! On tuesday my  friend from Italy came to visit me, it was awesome! We organized the Italian day at the youth centre, we basically cooked pizza but it was very nice. On the weekend we`ve been to Tartu, it was my second time but I love that city, it`s really beautiful. Now I`m back to my "normal" life but a lot happier.

Nothing too new

This week was quite relaxing, nothing really happened, in my mind there's only this week, my friend from Italy will come and I'm quite excited, we are going to present Italy in the youth centre. This Saturday I made pizza all by myself, I'm ready for the event even if I still have to think about some activities to do

Starting to explore

I have to say that the Arrival Training was very useful, I met a lot of new people and the weekends are a lot better, especially cause since then, I've never been at home during them. The last week I was in Rakvere where I stayed in Cecile's place, it was nice, I could talk and walk around the town, we met new people and that's nice. This weekend I'll be in Tartu, a town that I really want to visit, tonight I'll go to a party and I'll stay the night to Mira's place, she's a volunteer from Germany. Everything is nice right now and I hope to have fun at the party and tomorrow maybe I'll walk around the town.

On Arrival Training

Still here, still alive, 100% happy about this EVS. On this weekend I was on the arrival training and I had the chance to meet other volunteers like me, it was awesome, they are supercool and the most important thing is that I found out that I´m not alone, others volunteers are in my same situation, same problems, different places. I know that now if I´ll need help, there are some people that can support me. This weekend I´ll be in Rakvere where I´ll meet another volunteer from France and probably the next weekend I´ll go in Tartu. I don´t know if I already said it but the things are getting better (still without bike).

Getting better

I would lie to myself and everyone if I won't say that it's not perfect, of course, it's normal that it's not perfect but when you start to point out the defects means that it's actually very good. So the bad thing start from me, that I keep forget things that I need and me that I can't get any idea that I like and also the fact that I still don't have a bike it's not perfect. Let's talk about the good thing: all the rest, I surprised myself how fast I adapted myself to this life, making it interesting and awesome, of course, I'm still developing it but everything is going better than expected. The next weekend I'll go to the first training course in Tallinn, I'm quite excited to see how others volunteers are going. Oh yeah, last but not least, I'm starting to love Estonian language.

Week number 1

This was the first week, the one where I started my activities as a volunteer, for what I can say now, I'm glad of this choice, the place is nice, the people are kind , definitely my place. I actually was scared about working in the kindergarten but after the first look, I can say that I like it, kids are full of energies and playing with them is very funny! But the best thing is actually at Kiviõli school, I love that place, it reminds me when I was in high school, I definitely want to participate to a lesson, I want to feel again the feeling of sitting behind a desk while listening the teacher and takes notes.